Advertise on the Calendar


There are a few ways that you can advertise on the Hearthstone calendar. If you would like to help support us long term, please check out the rewards section of our Patreon page. Otherwise, please email us at for pricing details on cost per 1,000 views (CPM) and flat, daily rate pricing for fixed-length advertising campaigns.

Current Promotional Advertising

We're running a $1 per day special for the organizers of Hearthstone events that includes the following:

  • 728x90 banner included in advertisement rotation at the top of every page
  • 225x60 banner in the sidebar that links to a list of your events
  • All of your events will be highlighted on the global event listing

We are currently offering discounts when paying for extended campaigns as follows:

  • -10% for 60+ day campaigns
  • -20% for 90+ day campaigns
  • -30% for 120+ day campaigns

Please email to sign up.